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ABM CREDITZ Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in 2008, is a licensed financial institutions in Singapore providing customers with a variety of financial credit services, including personal loans, debt consolidation loan, loan for foreigners and expatriates in Singapore. Our company's mission is provide convenient and quality credit services to every professionals from all walks of life so as to help them solve their financial issue and meet their needs.

Helpful Tips To Improve Your Personal Loan In Singapore

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Have You Ever Ask Yourself Why Do You Need To Get A Loan?

Are you trying to get financial assistance in Singapore? Before you even try to borrow any money, it is important to ask yourself why you need this in the first place. This is because we all know that a loan is not free. Every financial commitment comes with a interest rate.

If you are going to borrow a huge sum of money, you need to determine how you are going to pay back the debt. If not, even the interest itself can eat you up financially.

The Different Types Of Loans

There are different types of financial assistance in Singapore. The most common types are for personal usage, housing, studies and bridging purposes.

If you are buying a property, you can try to apply for a loan from banks. If you do not qualify for it, you can borrow from any financial institutions that are authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With the the recent wave of property cooling measures,  ABM Creditz Singapore Pte Ltd bridging loan also become an alternative to all property investors.
For more information about our bridging loans, you can drop us an email :

Avoid Borrowing Money From Loan Sharks

No matter how much you need the money, you should never consider borrowing from loan sharks. Chances are you will not be able to repay them due to the fact they charge a high interest rate. And of course, it is probably illegal to borrow money from the them anyway.

To make things worse, if you can’t repay the money, they may even come to your flat to harass you. They may even vandalise your house with all colours of paint.

Always Go For The Proper Channel If You Want To Get A Loan In Singapore

If you really need to get a loan in Singapore, you may want to approach the banks or licensed moneylenders in Singapore. You can try the most popular banks in Singapore such as DBS, OCBC and UOB. You can also approach Maybank, Citibank and Standard Chartered or licensed moneylender like us.

When it comes to application, it is better for our customer service officer to talk to you personally rather than just rely on the information you find on the internet. Here are some contact information that you may need.

ABM Creditz Singapore Pte Ltd Contact: 6737 3392

Try To Repay As Soon As You Can

After getting a loan in Singapore, you should try to repay the loan as soon as you can. The longer you take to repay, the more interest you will have to pay.