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Are you a foreign domestic worker facing a financial emergency? You need a solution that’s fast and convenient.
For efficient and high quality moneylending services in Singapore, you can rely on ABM Creditz.

Fast Foreign Domestic Helper Loan from ABM Creditz Singapore Pte Ltd

Efficiency and convenience are the two things you need when you find yourself in a financial bind.
As a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) in Singapore, you’re probably familiar with the high costs of living that make financial emergencies difficult to deal with.

Singapore is a top destination for foreign workers from all over the world. Out of the 1.368 million foreign workers in Singapore last December 2017, 247,000 of them were Foreign Domestic Workers according to the Ministry of Manpower.
Workers from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and other countries flock to Singapore for the guaranteed competitive pay, the quality standards of living, and economic stability.

But even the best work opportunities come with a price. Whether you are working to save for higher education or to support your family at home, it is difficult to accumulate assets and to make a sizeable savings account.
The beautiful features of Singapore that make it such an attractive work destination also make it expensive.

When your family calls you from across the sea in need of extra money, or when you find yourself in an unfortunate medical accident, you need funds that you may not have built up yet. Bills can come quite quickly.
You need a solution that’s fast, convenient, and fit for the Singapore lifestyle. As a legitimate worker in Singapore, you are entitled to foreign domestic helper loan products from licensed moneylenders. It’s your best option.

loan for domestic helper in SingaporeGetting a Foreign Domestic Loan in Singapore

Most people value time when it comes to dealing with financial emergencies. After all, bills from hospitals, schools, and other institutions rarely give a long payment period. You need a fast yet reliable way to get the funds you need.

As a maid or domestic helper, one of the simplest options is to borrow from a friend. However, this is unlikely to help you out. Either your connections in Singapore don’t have the funds you need, or you may be taken advantage of. You can be similarly trapped if you go to illegal moneylenders.

A safer option is to apply for a loan from a bank. This is one of the worst ways you can deal with a financial emergency. Applying from a bank takes a long time, and most cases result in denial since most domestic workers don’t have the high credit rating preferred by banks. Even if you do succeed, you’ll most likely have to pay incredibly steep interest fees. When all is said and done, you’d have lost time and future savings.

The best option is to look at foreign domestic loan products, such as the Filipino loan available at licensed moneylenders. While foreign domestic helper loans can come with high interest fees, they are more convenient, reliable, and flexible than other options.

The Singapore maid loan is designed with Foreign Domestic Workers in mind.

Foreign Domestic Loan for Your Financial Needs

Foreign domestic loans are perfect for financial emergencies because they are flexible, fast and customisable. You can get a loan that suits your needs and capacity to pay.

The requirements for applying for a maid loan are easy to acquire. You need to show valid proof of income, FDW work permit, and other supporting documents that prove your employment and current residential address.

You can apply online and offline. Once your loan is approved, you can get the money you need within the hour.

For a fast, convenient, and reliable way to get funds for your financial needs, trust in ABM Creditz. ABM Creditz is a licensed moneylender which was awarded Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise SME 150 in 2014.

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